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Napped Hoodie with Embroidery

UNISEX Napped hoodie with embroidery
Alexandra is wearing M
Zhivko is wearing L
Wash on medium temperature (40°)
82,00 лв. 69,00 лв.

Anorak with pocket and embroidery

UNISEX anorak made from impragnated textile with pocket and embroidery
Zhivko is wearing L (oversized)
Izabelle is wearing S
S/M are appropriate for women
M/L (oversized) are appropriate for men
Wash on medium temperature (40°)
94,00 лв. 79,00 лв.

Corduroy Jacket

Corduroy Jacket with embroidery
Bella is wearing M
Ognyan is wearing M
Wash on medium temperature (40°)
94,00 лв. 89,00 лв.

Chino Trousers

Chino trousers made out of corduroy.
Ognyan is wearing S
Wash on medium temperature (40°)
78,00 лв. 69,00 лв.

Women's Cargo Trousers

Cotton cargo pants with two side pockets and sublimated elastic waistband.
Alexandra is wearing S.
Wash on medium temperature (40°)
95,00 лв. 79,00 лв.

Men's Cargo Trousers

Cotton cargo pants with two side pockets and sublimated elastic waistband.
Kamen is wearing M.
Wash on medium temperature (40°)
95,00 лв. 79,00 лв.

Corduroy Pants with Side Pocket

All models are wearing S.
78,00 лв. 69,00 лв.

Crop Top

56,00 лв. 49,00 лв.

Industrial Belt

Black industrial belt with buckle and print.
44,00 лв.

"Inside Out" Tee

Stefi is wearing M
Martin is wearing L
100 % cotton tee rugged on the outside and printings on both sleeves.
Wash at 40 degrees
79,00 лв. 49,00 лв.


Short, shape defining shorts. Made out of solid cotton cloth.
One size XS/S/M
Waist- 66cm(not stretched out)
!!! Wash at maximum 30 degrees
99,00 лв. 49,50 лв.


One size XS/S/M
Multi-part top consisting of stretchful cotton fabrics. Wash at 40 degrees.
79,00 лв. 69,00 лв.


High-end crop top, made out of high-quality italian cotton fabric, glitered print on the neck piece.
!!! Wash at maximum 30 degrees, inside out
129,00 лв. 99,00 лв.


Double-sided hat. One side is blue corduroy and the other is hard textile with print.
59,00 лв. 44,00 лв.

The STORM Anorak

Matte, futuristic, unique: The STORM Anorak is our newest addition to our latest X Collection.

It takes the synergy of fashion and function to a whole new level by combining the matte outer material with functional cotton lining, that gives your rain prevented body the air it needs.

Your size no longer matters. Whether you’re a size S, M, L, The STORM’s oversized style and its comfort, is designed to meet everyone’s expectations.

It’s unique design will not only be your best friend in rainy days, but it will become your go-to apparel when having to adapt to the weather.

129,00 лв. 119,00 лв.

Flared Trousers

Exquisite, modern, yet simpler: The FLARED Trousers is a must to this season. Inspired by last century trends, FLARED can’t go out of style. It is the perfect finishing touch that matches each and every outfit.

From casual to urban and a XS to M size range, it’s design goes beyond the ordinary. Throwaway, casual, nonchalant attitude that is casual yet oh-so-chic!

It’s smitten style and gorgeous design will give you the freedom to enjoy every movement with its flexibility and elasticity, allowing you to look your best. For those who merely appreciate the finest.
69,00 лв. 59,00 лв.


Stefi is wearing M
Martin is wearing L
Light, cotton t-shirt with a riddle printed in front.
They're waiting and calling on me, but when I arrive, all them scatter. What is it?
Wash at 40 degrees
69,00 лв. 49,00 лв.
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